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Posted by ccondit on 1/24/07 @ 4:28 PM
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Just a quick update... Even though I haven't posted anything to the site recently, development has been proceeding along.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the next update to the site is going to be delayed just a little bit longer due to the need for some comment spam handling. I made the mistake of assuming that this site was small enough to allow open posting. Currently, I'm looking at several options:

  • Forcing logins to post
  • Comment filtering
  • Moderation
  • Reputation

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

How do you get a login?
Posted by cwilkes on 1/26/07 @ 12:01 AM :: #20
I've poked around and can't find a way to register to get a login. Am I missing something obvious?
Re:How do you get a login?
Posted by ccondit on 1/26/07 @ 8:35 AM :: #21
No, you're not missing anything. The registration system is the next thing on my TODO list (and coming along, hopefully released soon). Until then, you can post as a guest.

Once I have logins enabled, guest posting will probably go away.
Re:How do you get a login?
Posted by ccondit on 1/26/07 @ 7:48 PM :: #24
Update: Account creation has been implemented, so everyone can post with a real account now.
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