JavaOne 2010
Posted by ccondit on 9/16/10 @ 7:59 PM :: Updated by ccondit on 10/15/15 @ 1:39 PM
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I've decided that it's about time I started blogging again, and what better time than JavaOne 2010?

I've fortunate enough to be able to attend this year, courtesy of my employer , and it's shaping up to be an interesting conference. Some interesting questions I hope to get answers to next week:

  1. Will Oracle sue the entire universe (just like they are doing with Google) over the use (or not) of Java?
  2. Will Java 7 ever come out?
  3. If either of #1 or #2 occurs, will the fact that Sun open-sourced Java into OpenJDK save us all?

In all seriousness though, I'm looking forward to hearing what the future of my favorite language/development platform has in store, and I plan to post it all right here, so stay tuned...

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