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Posted by ccondit on 11/1/06 @ 7:00 PM :: Updated by ccondit on 11/7/06 @ 1:19 PM
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It's been a little while since the site launch, but I've been busy with some updates. Most of them aren't user-visible just yet, but are necessary for the upcoming registration and comment system.

The one notable exception is the new tag cloud, which will be the subject of an upcoming article.

  • R155 Added javascript warnings when deleting articles
  • R156 Added change password functionality
  • R158 BUG FIX: Made xmlns attributes checked for URL-correctness
  • R160 Added user list functionality
  • R161 Added user delete functionality
  • R167 Upgraded to taglibs 1.5.1 (added selected-value input tag)
  • R168 Implemented add/edit user functionality
  • R169 Validation for add/edit users
  • R170 Made data entry forms cancellable without relying on javascript.
  • R172 Updated CSS to make headings overflow: hidden
  • R173 Added security restrictions to upcoming tag management UI
  • R175 Added favicon
  • R176 Implemented tag cloud backend
  • R178 Added tag cloud UI
  • R179 Added tag delete functionality
  • R182 Changed W3C badge images
  • R183 Updated CSS to fix presentation of forms in left nav
  • R184 Updated global ui.js to focus login username field if present
  • R186 Completed tag management interface
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