Site Update - 2.5.8
Posted by ccondit on 6/4/13 @ 2:26 PM :: Updated by ccondit on 10/15/15 @ 1:38 PM
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This is the first code update in a while... New in this release:

  • Moved all code repositories to Git. These can be browsed via GitHub .
  • Updated Download module and Links section to reflect new locations for all resources.
  • Updated the site to Maven 3. There was some significant bitrot in the codebase that needed to be cleared up to get this working.

Other upcoming changes include:

  • Move from deployment as a Tomcat WAR file to a standalone app embedding Jetty. This should result in faster restart times and decreased resource utilization.
  • Remove CardSpace support as it has been deprecated by Microsoft for some time now and never really gained wide adoption.
  • Update libraries to more current versions. For example, update to Spring 3.2 (using 2.0 currently).
  • Move to using HTTPS throughout the entire site.
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