Site Update - 3.2
Posted by ccondit on 10/22/15 @ 1:39 AM :: Updated by ccondit on 10/22/15 @ 1:42 AM
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Release notes:

  • Updated to Spring Framework 4
  • Updated to Hibernate 5
  • Updated to Jetty 9.3.5
  • Converted from JSP to Thymeleaf
  • Updated compiler settings to Java 8

Most of these changes should be invisible to casual users. The biggest changes were made to allow the use of HTTP/2 on this site (once I switch to using HAProxy 1.6 instead of Apache as a reverse proxy).

I am currently converting a few other sites which are also hosted here to supporting HTTP/2. Once that is completed, I will be able to run the entire infrastructure over secure HTTP/2. In addition, I am testing out Docker based deployments of all the site components. More details to come.

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