Site Update - 4.2
Posted by ccondit on 4/8/22 @ 10:33 AM :: Updated by ccondit on 10/17/22 @ 2:15 PM
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Release notes:

  • Updated to Spring Framework 6.0.0-M3
  • Updated to Jetty 11
  • Updated to Hibernate 6.0
  • Updated to Thymeleaf 3.1.0-M3
  • Updated compiler settings to Java 17

The site is now running with a Java module-path rather than a class-path, with no additional "--add-opens" clauses required under Java 18.

This took far longer than expected (four years), and still required bleeding-edge versions of several dependencies to work. I even needed to patch around a bug in Thymeleaf that only occurs when running on the module path.

A couple of lessons learned from this:

  • Migrating to newer Java releases is getting easier all the time.
  • Migrating to modules is harder, as libraries are often not tested with the module path.
  • The module system really needs a wildcard package export syntax. I import a lot of resources (web content) and having to explicitly open every sub-package is a huge pain.
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